BWF-2 Bottle Washer and Fill Station

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BWF-2 Bottle Washer and Fill Station

List price: $10,250.00
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This product is fabricated upon ordering. Customization possible. Estimated lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

The BWF-2 is the perfect market entry bottled water washer and filler. Loaded with features and priced affordably, we are confident you will be pleased with the quality construction and user-friendly operation of the BWF-2. For those desiring to expand a water business or to begin washing and filling large containers for the water delivery business, the BWF-2 is an ideal product.

Precision has added new features to its already popular BWF-2 Bottle Washer and Fill Station. Following external cleaning, the bottle is placed in the opening located on the first cleaning station (wash cycle).Press the manual button on the front panel and the cycle starts and finishes on a programmed timed cycle. Manually move the bottle to the second station (rinse cycle) and the third station (sterilization cycle). Following the sterilization cycle, position the bottle under the gooseneck spout for easy filling. Caps are sanitized in the cap well and placed on the bottle. The wash and sterilization tanks are equipped with elements providing heated water for a superior cleaning process. A faucet located at the back end of the equipment fills the wash and sterilization tank prior to starting.  The dirty cleaning solution is easily drained at the end of the day.  A drain screen located at thebottom of each tank prevents large particles from entering the pump.

These sinks are made of 316 grade stainless steel, resistant against harsh chemicals. A 24-volt solenoid valve opens the flow of cleaning solution to each spray nozzle. The BWF-2 connects to a 30 amp approved cable from breaker to the sink.  The sink is complete with internal breakers, relays and switches and is CSA approved.  A lowlevel shut down control protects wash pumps and heating elements.  The cable from sink to back room power source is not included. A closed cabinet keeps all components free from dirt, dust and water spillage.  The filling spout includes a ball valve with a 2 1/2" fill guard protecting against accidental debris entering the bottle while filling.  The drip grates are easily removed to clean bottom trays.


Ordering Information: This product can only be ordered over the phone because it must ship via freight.  Call us at +1 (801) 281-4911.

List price: $10,250.00 SKU: 900000 Catalog: PWS Self-Service Fillers Tags Precision Water Self-Service Fillers
3 Stage Cleaning Sterilizes 3 & 5 gallon long neck bottles
User Friendly Start Buttons Large, pressure-sensitive buttons
Semi-Automatic Operation Adjust cleaning time for each stage
Easy Adjustable Spouts Release clamp to adjust bottle size
High Quality Pumps 3/4 hp stainless steel pump
Heated Washing Superior bottle cleaning
Low Level Shutdown Protects pumps and elements
Automatic Fill Option CSA Approved equipment


  • Height: 38 " (96.52 cm)
  • Length: 76 5/8 " (194.63 cm)
  • Width: 21 5/8 " (54.93cm)
  • Weight: 235 lbs (106.5 kg)
  • Electrical: 2 - 1500 W  /  220 V
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BrandPrecision Water Systems

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