You and Your Drinking Water

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You and Your Drinking Water



….many cancer scientists point to our drinking water as contributing towards a majority of human cancers….

An ever-increasing amount of industrial toxic waste is being poured into our lakes and rivers. Chemicals, fertilisers and toxic sprays used on the land as well as insufficient treated sewage continue to pollute the waterways. Water from public water systems and even from many wells and springs is likely to be loaded with poisonous chemicals and toxic trace elements.


Environmental contamination is a characteristic of industrialized nations. The quality of public drinking water, particularly from underground water layers has been a growing world wide concern and has been attributed to the use of nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides since the 1960’s. Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology, 1993.

Because of lack of funds to provide the appropriate technology, many potentially harmful elements such as synthetic compounds, metals and radionuclides are not removed. Even bacteria and viruses can not escape contemporary treatment practices. Many pollutants contained in drinking water will eventually circulate throughout every cell and tissue in the body. Prevention Magazine, 1994. Much evidence continues to be discovered in regards to plumbing systems and their contribution in polluting water. Zinc, copper, cadmium, lead and other trace elements are released in excessive quantities by the chemical action of the water in the metals of water pipes.

It is well known that dissolved metal are more readily absorbed from drinking water than from most foodstuffs and therefore metal toxicity is higher through drinking water intake. Science of the Total Environment, 1994. The Environmental Protection Agency recently reported that unsafe levels of lead in American drinking water accounted for growth retardation and lowering of intelligence in children as well as blood ailments and pregnancy problems. Similarly, according to a recent World Health Organization report, a substantial portion of disease outbreaks can be attributed to deficiencies in drinking water disinfection. In addition, it’s common knowledge that
the majority of municipal water companies use as many as 50 different chemicals to clean water.

…instead of stiffening regulations to combat the rising levels of pollutants on our rivers, municipalities add higher levels of chlorine to make our water “fit to drink”…

Chlorination was first introduced in the U.S. in 1908 in the water supply of the Chicago stockyards and subsequently in the urban water supply of Jersey City. Because chlorine is an extremely inexpensive chemical and readily adapted to the large-scale use necessary for drinking water, the process began to be utilized extensively throughout the world.

However, studies have shown that Chlorine reacts with a host of chemicals, including human made chemicals from industrial and municipal wastewater or runoff as well as naturally occurring human substances, to produce chlorinated organics. Trihalomethanes are the most commonly occurring organics found in drinking water and appear at the highest concentrations. Trihalmethanes are toxic and carcinogenic. Buffalo State University, New York, March 1995.

Further studies have indicated that Bladder cancer risk is associated with long-term ingestion of chlorinated surface water. Archives of Environmental Health, June 1993.

There is mounting evidence showing the side effects of using chlorine in water treatment. In conclusion, chlorine is known to cause cartcinogens by combining with other waterborne pollutants and has been identified as a major cause of many degenerative diseases, especially of the cardiovascular system.


…while there are no conclusive studies to demonstrate the benefits of fluoride in our water, there is much evidence to substantiate its harmful effects on the human body…

There is no conclusive evidence that fluoridation of our water has any real health benefit. There are however, several studies; one being the National Cancer Institute, (1989) which states that fluoridation has been presented to our public as a health benefit, but in fact the reverse has been found. It has been known to cause kidney damage, infant brain impairment, cause damage to eyes, and soft tissue system. The problem is not in small amounts of fluoride, but in the accumulation of long-term exposure though our drinking water.

Fluoride, in levels added to drinking water, causes a host of disorders, birth defects, heart and kidney disease, allergies, cancer and more. Combine these chemicals with the liberal quantities of industrially produced toxic agents (asbestos, pesticides, heavy metals and a variety of other cancer causing substances) in our water and it becomes no wonder that many scientists point to our drinking water as a contributing factor towards the majority of human cancers.


…the water we drink does not merely pass through the body…

The quality of your tissues, their performance, and their resistance to injury is absolutely dependent on the quality and quantity of the water you drink. Even your bones consist of one-quarter water. Your muscles are 75% water, your brain is 76% water, blood 82% water, and your lungs 90% water. These basic facts of biochemistry emphasise the first nutrient and the most essential nutrient, plain simple water.

But and it’s a big but, it needs to be clean, pure and free of contaminates. In our modern world, a good choice of pure, clean water is steam- distilled water. Since almost 75% of our body are composed of water it needs at least 8 – 1 glasses per day to replenish water lost through excretion and perspiration. Blood is known as the fluid of life. Water is also known as the fluid of life. Pure water makes purer blood, and healthier blood.

Water controls the body’s temperature, provides essential nutrition by transporting nutritive elements from the food we eat to our cells, carries away waste products, and is the medium in which all intracellular changes occur. Good health requires good water. Tap water will not kill you in short-term consumption, but your body can not function to it’s full potential with daily ingestion of poisons from drinking contaminated water. The water we drink does not merely pass through the body. After it is absorbed, it circulates through the veins and arteries performing countless functions necessary for life.


…drinking good pure water retards disease and promotes good health…

Clean water is the single most important substance we consume, only oxygen is more essential for human life. If you were to purify the 6500 gallons of water consumed in your lifetime, you would collect 420 glasses of solids. These solids settle in our tissues, joints, artery walls, deprive nerve centres, and seal every cell from the oxygen it needs. Over time consumption of impure water, these mineral deposits become overly thick and cause untold damage to the human body. Recovery form ill health is boosted ten fold when one drinks only steam distilled water.

Don’t play the deadly game of wait and see, start your body on the road to recovery and proper health, insist on drinking only steam-distilled water. Your body will thank you, and so will your family.